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An unusual holiday at Mount Xanadu, an iconic family resort in Wayanad

Planning a family vacation is always a fun task for adults and children alike. The destination and the activities can be planned according to what you want to do, who you wish to visit, and how much time is available on any particular holiday.

It is essential, as it is a time to bond with your family members, friends, and children. Family vacations are fun and everybody likes to get rid of stress and pressure by spending some interesting time with each other.

Fun elements start immersing from planning to execution. Moreover, a family holiday must quench the thirst of everyone in the family irrespective of their age.

Here, we’ll help you plan a vacation to remember by offering a variety of activities and food at our resort. We want to ensure that this family vacation can give some fondling memories to all.

This time Wayanad welcomes you with a countless number of family resorts

Read more about Wayanad below

Wayanad: the land of beauty and grace

Wayanad is a land of beauty, biodiversity, and also of human history. Known for its beautiful hill caves and its tribal culture, this district is also home to several rivers and streams that glissade their way across the green highlands. While the district offers diverse flora and fauna, it also has many historic sites like Edakkal Caves.

Get yourself immersed into the life of this glorious land that exists only in the soul. Wayanad has everything you are looking for: from honeymoon destinations to offbeat adventures, from exciting shopping meccas to memorable family getaways, and much more.

Why Mount Xanadu is a popular family resort in Wayanad

Most celebrated for its serenity, our resort is nestled 3300 feet above sea level in the mist-clad green environs of Wayanad, surrounded by jaw-dropping vistas of Misty Mountains, lakes, and forests. Set on a hilltop with 360 degrees of pure beauty around it, you will be at peace amidst all this splendor.

  • you can enjoy your family vacations in the best of ways. We have a group of highly trained staff who would care for every member of your family as if they were their own. Our resort has a variety of food and facilities for everyone on your vacation as well.
  • Mount Xanadu is a magnificent, modern resort in Wayanad, India. It is a luxury retreat located atop the Western Ghats, offering romantic cottages, spa and recreation facilities. Mount Xanadu has been recognized for its contemporary architecture, stunning landscape and personalized service.
  • Our Wayanad wooden chalets are built to provide the most mesmerizing view of Chembra Peak and its flawless beauty, while Lake View Premium with two balconies offers a rare confluence of luxury and tradition.
  • Those who stay in it will definitely remember forever the cave room’s unique ambiance.

A resort located at the heart of Wayanad, Mount Xanadu offers a unique experience. While its proximity to the breathtaking trails and waterfalls makes it an idyllic retreat, the mountains’ commanding height provides an unparalleled view of the surrounding area. Come, relax and enjoy.

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