Luxury family resorts in Wayanad

Spend this Onam in all its glory at our five resorts in Wayanad!

Onam is not just a festival as far as Keralites are considered. It is rather an emotion. The same is true for Onam- vacation as well. The week-long break seems like a culmination of all our efforts over the year. So it is not a surprise when many seek to spend these magical days in the best possible way.  Some families spend the days at home and some others embark on an eternal journey to a place like Wayanad. This is especially true for newlyweds who want to have some quality time with each other and strengthen their bonds. Keeping this idea in mind, Mount Xanadu, one of the best honeymoon resorts in Wayanad leaves you with an experience so close to the one in your dreams.  The families too can have their share of fun at the best family resort in Wayanad.

We all know how tiring jobs have become. Most days are monotonous and we feel mechanical all the time. A major reason for this is total burnout. This means mental and physical fatigue one might go through after working non-stop for long periods. There are occasions when you have no time left for your family and you feel exhausted all the time. This puts a lot of strain on relationships, especially budding ones. For those, we would like to suggest making time to visit the resorts in Wayanad like Mount Xanadu.

 No matter how small it is. planning holidays is a daunting task for the planner. It is often seen that they do not relax in any way as they are busy looking for the comforts of others. When you plan your holiday with us, this entirely changes. If you think why must you try our premium resort among all the others, this blog will do more than just convince you.

Onam is both an outdoor and indoor festival. In other words, it can be celebrated in peace among yourselves or with much pomp. When many like to indulge in loud traditional games, others look for simple pleasures of life like relaxing in a pool. This is where we come into play. Our luxurious rooms with breathtaking views and upscale amenities are here to soothe your mind and soul.

After having a sumptuous Onam Sadhya at our restaurants, you can either hang out at our infinity pool, letting the calm waters cool you, or go for a walk among the lush greens nearby. There’s a third option for those who want to feel fresh, do pay a visit to our spas and massage parlors. If you are all about the outdoors, then hire our guided tour to some of the famous points like Chembara Peak or Banasura Dam, making your stay at the luxury honeymoon resort memorable in every way.

To appease the adventurer in you, you can plan a visit to Karlad lake and try out trekking. Pookode lake also seems like a good idea where you can relish the scenic beauty of Wayanad and watch it in its full glory.

So without much ado, book the room of your choice with us!

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