Weekend getway in Premium Nature Resorts in Wayanad

This is how a Weekend Getaway at Premium Resorts in Wayanad lifted your mood

Why do you choose weekend getaways other than long vacation?

Because you need to take a break from the monotonous routine.

But weekend getaways doesn’t require lot of planning.

Reserving flight tickets, orgnaise everything, fininding a pet sitter, is not a problem for your weekend getaway.

Well, It will help to refresh your soul and rejuvenate your mind.

Sometimes, you get confused over which place can provide most comfortable experience.

Yes, this is article throws light to the best weekend getaway in a premium resort in Wayanad.

MountXanadu, popularly kown as best luxury resort in Wayanad.

Why MountXanadu is the perfect weekend getaway?

Soak in the astoundingly beautiful views, relax by the pristine waters of the resort’s swimming pool or rejuvenate with a day at the spa. Via Ayurveda-inspired treatments, you can unwind and experience total relaxation from your stresses and strains.

Located 3300 feet above sea level in Wayanad, Mount Xanadu is India’s most luxurious boutique resort. Nestled between the misty green hills of Wayanad and the fog-shrouded forests of Karnataka, our exquisitely appointed guestrooms offer panoramic views of lush greenery and ever-changing natural scenery. 

And nowhere else can you find such an unending array of activities that keep guests looking forward to making new discoveries every day.

This five star resort in Wayanad, which spans 20 acres and sits atop a hill, has stunning views of breathtakingly beautiful sunrises and sunsets.

Mount Xanadu is a premium luxury resort in Wayanad  situated amidst the pristine beauty of Kerala. It is perched on the hills of western ghats , close to deluxe water bodies and enchanting nature. With a developed infrastructure and amenities like Ayurveda Spa, Multi-cuisine Restaurant, Health Club, Indoor Games, Outdoor Games, Infinity Pool & Kids Pool, Garden, Rainwater Reservoir, Watch Tower and Nature Trekking are some of the highlights of Mount Xanadu.

Weekend getway in Premium Resorts in Wayanad
Weekend getway in Premium Resorts in Wayanad

At our luxury resort, the monkeys swing through the trees, and emerald-green water spills over an infinity pool as you recline on your elegant bamboo sun lounger. Our tranquil paradise that is set among lush vegetation and natural wonders. Enjoy it all during one of our several excursions.

Many guests prefer dining options that reflect the local culture or cuisine.  When they travel to a foreign country, they want to experience the local food, and then they may continue on their trip by enjoying the original cuisine. At our resort, we have multi-cusine resturant to satisfy the diverse needs of our guests. 

And all of the food will be cooked to the standards of a specialty restaurant. 

If you visit MountXanadu for your weekend getaway, you don’t worry about anything.

From food to sights, everything is assured and warm hospitality awaits you there.

Yes, it is the time to relax and chill.

Let’s start exploring !!

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