SATA award

The best resort in Wayanad Mount Xanadu gets awarded by the SATA!

Mount Xanadu has been serving the tourism industry for several years now. It has risen up in fame and glory and is now named among the best resorts in Wayanad. Adding another feather to its stellar cap, the resort has been awarded a silver star by the South East Asian Travel Awards for Leading Theme resorts.

Awarded since 2016, it honors the most outstanding leaders in the tourism and hospitality industry. Spanning over 37 categories and 10 segments, it is now considered sacrilegious and a significant gold standard when it comes to ranking luxury resorts. This year the event was solemnized amid the presence of almost 200 brands at Adaaran Select Hudhuran Fushi in Maldives.

This blog will enlighten you about the uniqueness of Mount Xanadu resorts and how it has landed the accolade only boasted by a few. Luxury resorts in Wayanad are quite competitive when it comes to serving guests. Each of them trying to be better than the other in terms of facilities as well as structure. So what is that made Mount Xanadu superior among all?

Located amid the lush greens of serene Wayanad, the resort is built overlooking the majestic Chembra peak. It has the likeness of the dreamy land of Xanadu by Kublai Khan and gives out an aura of its own. The architectural brilliance with naturally set-up waterfalls verging into a rainwater harvest is another feature that differentiates Mount Xanadu. The multiple luxury rooms namely Lake View, Mountain View and Pool View are each better than the other. However, the major point of attraction is sure the mud cave as well as the Phantom Cave room. As the name suggests these give the dwellers a glimpse of a bygone era with all the facilities in place. The wooden Chalet is for travellers who dream of living in a tree house. Fully furnished with wood, it has itself beautified with a charming balcony and a killer view. Spa Jacuzzi and Pool View Grand are for water babies. It gives one access to the exclusive pool for the family to have the time of their life.

Like all the premium honeymoon resorts in Wayanad, Mount Xanadu has a multi-cuisine restaurant with local delicacies at your disposal. For couples who want to spend some quality time together the Ayurvedic spa that caters to all your comfort and is an ideal place to kindle some romantic memories. Our Fitness center equipped with all the modern machines makes sure you don’t skip a workout even when you are on a holiday.

Since a vacation is all about sightseeing and reliving a new culture, we have some innovative ways in which you can relish Wayanad. The watch tower and sky bridge are for nature watchers while the garden and terrace viewpoint appease are perfect for evening tea. An amphitheater, a hiking trail, an infinity pool, an indoor game room and a trampoline make it a fun-filled space for kids.

So, if adventure and comfort are your guilty pleasure then Book your room now!

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