Resorts in Wayanad with swimming pool

3 reasons why one of the best resorts in Wayanad, Mount Xanadu should be your first choice for a trip to the hills!

Wayanad is loved and liked by all true travel enthusiasts. Stretched with miles of lush greenery and exotic wildlife, the place attracts many tourists looking for a real adventure. Some of them also seek solace in the beautiful hills to escape the chaotic urban life. Wayanad surely has its fans albeit for varied reasons. So if you have an upcoming vacation planned we would love for you to visit one of the most popular resorts in Wayanad, Mount Xanadu.

Although there are multiple five-star resorts in Wayanad, not each of them is well-equipped to meet your needs. Since they are expected to host the right blend of adventure and luxury, many of them fall short. This blog will enlighten you about the suitability of Wayanad as the best adventure destination.

1. The Thrills-

Being nested among the hills, it sure does make for some serious adventure sport. Trekking is a popular activity often loved by travellers. The mountain peaks like Banasura Dam and Chembra peak are excellent spots for the adrenaline rush. Making itself a trail filled with flora and fauna, it is as satisfying as it seems. Hiking is also favored by multiple visitors. A quick walk along the forests of Muthanga sanctuary, Edakkal caves and the Sunrise valley might treat you with unforgettable memories to cherish all your lives.

2. The exploration-

The sightseeing aspect of Wayanad is often underestimated. In fact over a-fourth of the lush greenery is left unexplored. If you are visiting it with your family, waterfalls such as Soochippara, Meenmutty, Arippara and Iruppu can enthral your senses with their exceptional beauty. The Tholppetty Wildlife Sanctuary is home to varied endangered animals including striped tigers. Bamboo rafting on the still waters of Kuruva Island on the Kabini river is the real deal for water babies. Situated at a height of 770 metres above sea level, Pookode lake is not only a visual treat but also has a freshwater aquarium, handicraft emporium and a vast spice market.

3. Living the dream-

The Mount Xanadu resort caters to the likes of its patrons. Therefore the facilities it hosts as state of the art. Besides the exotic rooms, a multi-cuisine restaurant and a gym, it is one of the few resorts in Wayanad with a swimming pool. The infinity pool is worth chilling in after a long day of travelling. Our watch tower and sky bridges give you a sneak peek into the beauty of the hills. For honeymooners, the mountain and terrace sit-outs make a lovely place to kindle or rekindle romance. Kids can also find their entertainment at our family resort with a vast playground, a trampoline, and a game room filled with indoor games such as foosball and table Tennis. An amphitheater that familiarizes tourists with the culture of the area is also set up at the resort area. Every evening it sees art performers who vocalize the rich culture of Kerala and its diversity.

So if you plan to make a stay at Wayanad, make the most of it by booking a room at our resort!

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