Five Star resorts in Wayanad

The Five-Star Resort in Wayanad That Wins the heart of tourists

If a holiday in Kerala is what you desire, then Wayanad is the best destination for you. Its natural beauty has been mentioned as one of the best places to visit in Kerala. The region also offers maximum opportunity for adventure and discovery.

Wayanad is one of the most beautiful towns in India. The natural beauty and picturesque landscape of Wayanad are loved by tourists from all over the country. There are many five-star resorts in Wayanad. In addition, Wayanad is a well-known honeymoon destination for many people because of its pristine environment and greenery, and it is truly blessed with hundreds of premium honeymoon resorts.

If you are planning a trip to Wayanad, don’t miss the amazing stay at Mount Xanadu, one of the luxury resorts in Wayanad. This package can make your tour wonderful. Find out how!! Well, there is a misconception that travelling responsibly will tear your pockets down. Sorry guys, it is just a myth. Let’s find out the facts related to our package, the Mount Xanadu tour package. Allow me to narrate.

Imagine this: you are planning your honeymoon and you have many dreams, needs, and aspirations about how to spend your precious moments with your loved one. For instance, hiking a mountain, planning a candlelight dinner, etc. If you don’t take the package, you have a higher chance of exceeding your budget and ruining your plan.

What you can expect in a package at Mount Xanadu, the five-star resort in Wayanad

Mount Xanadu is a world-class resort perched at an elevation of 2000 feet above sea level, in the heart of Wayanad district, Kerala. The resort offers an exquisite array of services and facilities that await you. Here, Mount Xanadu Wayanad Tour Packages offer a wonderful experience in the scenic landscape of Wayanad. We offer tourist packages to suit all kinds of needs, ranging from family outings to adventure enthusiasts and honeymoon couples.

The main attraction of our tour package is trekking to Cheengeri hills. The Cheengeri Hill trek is another rare adventure in Wayanad. The 360-degree view is breathtaking as you climb up the steep cliffs and descend back to the valley below. It is not a very busy place, which makes this adventure an exciting and beautiful one.

Wayanad is a haven for nature lovers. From trekking trails to waterfalls, biking trails, and meeting and greeting local communities, everyone has an opportunity to enjoy this enchanting place in their own way. We have included all these in our packages. Express your needs; we are ready to take care of your experience.

Experience a retreat in the beautiful town of Wayanad, India. Mount Xanadu, a Honeymoon Resorts in Wayanad, has come up with tour packages to suit any travelLer’s taste. Nature lovers, honeymoon couples, and adventure enthusiasts can enjoy a day of fun at this resort. Don’t miss out.

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