Into the Lap of Nature: An amazing Experience at a Premium resort in Wayanad

Hello travel enthusiasts!

Your traveling intends to enrich your experience, isn’t it?

Because traveling marvels your eyes, and soothes your soul, recharging your batteries gives you memories to adore for a lifetime. No matter, how bad or good the experience is!

This time, we would like to invite you to a Resort in Wayanad.

Welcome to Mount Xanadu!

Don’t consider it as just another resort. It has something special and interesting. Yea, you heard it right. Right from the ambiance to accommodation, the resort offers a unique experience.

Let’s have a closer look!

Mesmerizing Location

The location is what every guest comments about. Because the hill resort offers breathtaking views and a chance to enjoy nature at its best! Lush green hills, scenic hiking trails, and thick forests are the captivating sights around!

An abode of relaxation

Have you been to an infinity pool before? Do you know the calm feeling of a spa? If you visit MountXanadu, the five-star resort in Wayanad,  Yes, you would say the word relaxation is often underrated. Because the relaxation you get is pure and blissful.

Top-notch amenities

Our amenities are something we brag about! As a luxury resort in Wayanad, all our amenities are top in quality, and providing excellent service to our clients is our business.

Haven of natural beauty

Beauty is in every corner!! That is the proper description for Mount Xanadu. Be it in your room or outside the verandah or on the balcony. The mesmerizing view is all around and it will leave you just wow!

Room for adventure

Have you experienced the pumping of adrenaline rush? When you climb a mountain or go hiking, it is an opportunity to do adventurous activities and feel your heartbeat. MountXnadu offers a long trail of adventurous activities!

Culinary experience:

When you are planning a trip, food is as important as the destination. That’s why a premium resort in Wayanad like Mount Xanadu offers a unique culinary experience. From traditional to international cuisine, you can indulge and relish. Sure, your taste buds will be in awe!

Dear friend

If you are traveling with family, and friends, or on your honeymoon days, this resort in Wayanad has something for everyone.

With a serene atmosphere, picturesque location, luxurious accommodations, and world-class amenities, Mount Xanadu offers unforgettable experiences for all guests.

So, if you are looking for an escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life,

We welcome you to the lap of nature.

Visit Us, Relax, and Rejuvenate!!

Book your stay today!!

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